A three-step process to generous giving

Laura Biskupic Marketing Director
Laura Biskupic
Marketing Director

An ancient, Biblical concept, the art of joyful giving has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years as investors work toward the twin goals of defining success today, and establishing a lasting legacy for tomorrow.

“To be a generous giver is not only noble in the altruistic sense, but for practical reasons as well. It’s a critical component of a well-devised financial plan,” said Christina Winch, CFP®.

“If you’re making money, you have to learn to give back. That’s the secret to a fulfilling life.”

As a founding member of Kingdom Advisors, Christina has helped guide this group of independent Christian financial advisors to enormous growth, based on the concept of Biblically sound investing.

What began as a concept in 1981 has become an international force. Larry Burkett initially asked a group of 16 advisors, including Christina, to form the board of directors for what was then known as the Christian Financial Planning Institute. Today, Kingdom Advisors includes 1,360 advisors from 72 communities around the world.

A recurring theme for Kingdom Advisors has been the art of generous giving.

“A large part of the reward that you get from your finances, and the way you get the most contentment and fulfilment in life, is by sharing what you have with others,” Christina said. “It’s exciting to give; it’s gratifying to make a difference in the world.”

At Winch Financial, the wealth management and financial planning company Christina founded in 1981, we advocate a three-step approach to charitable giving to ensure your plan is both effective and joyful. We call it the Giving Three.

  1. This is a critical step and should be discussed with your financial advisor. Evaluate your finances and determine how much you intend to contribute to charitable causes annually. As important as choosing the amount you will donate, is determining the direction your funds will go. Take time to choose charities that speak to your heart. The key to joyful giving is supporting causes in which you truly believe.
  2. Research charities to select those that not only speak to your heart, but also manage their finances well. You want to know your hard-earned money is being used wisely. Even the most well-intentioned charities won’t make a difference in the world if their finances are not set up appropriately and they will draw funds away from other more effective charities.
  3. Sit down once a year to determine the percentage of funds you will give to various charities. Reserve a percentage for spontaneous giving and aim to stick to these allocations. This type of organization lowers the stress level of dealing with donation requests throughout the year, and still allows you to give joyfully to unplanned solicitations that come your way.

While this method is built on a Biblical foundation, Christina believes it transcends religion and can be used in among secular investors as well.

“We live in a material world,” she said. “But the desire to make a difference isn’t restricted to religious entities. It’s a very human need. People are suffering and we want to help. What we’re offering is an easy to follow means to contribute to the world, to make a difference, in a way that brings joy.”