1981: Christina Winch launches Winch Financial Services. The firm enjoys immediate success and Christina retires from her job as a high school English Teacher to run the financial planning company full time.


1987: Christina Winch is featured in a USA Today article about American Entrepreneurs. A licensed financial planner, she has 650 clients. In 1988, she is featured in a USA Today follow up story. The company lists 750 clients and $6.5 million in assets under management. Christina also begins hosting “You and Your Finances”.


1996: Christina Winch joins the board of directors for Kingdom Advisors (formerly Christian Financial Planning Institute). As a founding member of this highly successful, exclusive group of independent financial planners, she helps guide Kingdom Advisors to enormous growth.


1997: Christina Winch begins teaching at the University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley and Fox Valley Technical College. Her popular classes draw students from all segments of society. She continues to teach classes and seminars, and host educational segments on television and radio.


2000: Winch enjoys an extensive remodeling project, moves into a larger office space and expands its scope of services. By now, the company has developed a client retention rate of 98.5% and has established respect in the industry, both locally and nationally.


2004: Winch is named Bloomberg Wealth Manager Top Dog for the first time. The company earns a coveted spot on the Top Dog list nine consecutive times following its initial appearance.


2005: Christina Winch decides to devote 100% of her time to money management and her independent advisory, Winch Advisory Services. Christina’s oldest son, Sam Winch, takes over as managing partner of Winch & Associates.


2007: Winch Financial expands nationally, listing clients in several states including Texas, California and Washington. As the focus of the company shifts, its philosophy remains true to Christina’s vision. “Our business is more than numbers—it’s about people. What we do impacts the lives of our clients. and we do not forget it.”


2011: Winch Financial solidifies its position as a national planning firm with a hometown attention to its clients. Secure in its own future, the firm launches a mutual fund based on its proprietary investment strategies and continues to maintain its focus on investing for all seasons of our clients’ lives.


2013: Selected to Top 10 Best Wealth Manager logos by Advisor One and featured in the June issue of Investment Advisor magazine.


2021: Having thrived throughout a year of historic global challenges, Winch Financial celebrates its 40th Anniversary determined to maintain exceptionally high standards of client care; to seek, promote and present educational opportunities; and to maximize account potential through innovation, careful attention and expertise.