Five steps toward a better world

We track the financial news closely here at Winch Financial, noting trends and evaluating metrics like P/E ratios and dividend yields. Our analysis is important and we know the decisions we make based on it directly affect our clients’ livelihood. Of course, we also closely follow the news that directly affects our clients’ lives and, in that regard, it’s been a devastating few weeks.  The images  — a doll lying next to a small body covered in tarp, a bullet-ridden delivery truck, a police officer’s last walk with his toddler daughter, the live streaming of a dying man – haunt us all. We’ve read the articles, we’ve seen the footage, we’ve heard the interviews, we’ve followed the protests and now, we’re adding our voice. This has to stop. We’re better than this. Even through the terrible haze of violence, we see evidence of our tremendous capacity to love. Did you hear about Tiava Banner’s frantic search for her eight-month old nephew after last night’s attack in Nice? It turns out a woman aptly named Joy had rescued him and, thanks to the increasing power of social media, she successfully reunited the baby with his family. Did you listen to Cameron Sterling? The 15-year old son of Alton Sterling stood in front of cameras just days after his father’s death, and called for peace. Did you see LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade open the ESPY Awards with a poignant call to action?  In case you missed it, this is what Wade said, “Let’s use this moment as a call to action for all professional athletes to educate ourselves, explore these issues, speak up, use our influence and renounce all violence…” That could be a five step plan for all of us and it bears repeating. Let’s educate ourselves, explore these issues, speak up, use our influence and renounce violence. Let’s start today.