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  • Five ways to make next year’s “Cheer Up the Lonely Day” obsolete

    We live in a world of almost constant communication, yet we face an epidemic of loneliness. This dichotomy of an ever-increasing means of connection and decreasing feeling of community has led to multi-generational isolation. Last year, the American Medical Association identified loneliness as a public health issue. In… | Read More »

  • The best advice our fathers gave us

    We’re big advocates for (and providers of) formal financial education. Classes, books, blogs, and podcasts all offer great opportunities to learn about how to make, save, grow and spend your money. We don’t think anyone should ever stop learning. We also know that we learn some of the most important lessons before we e… | Read More »

  • Happy #MakingLifeBeautiful day!

    I don’t think you have to look far to see people Making Life Beautiful every day. There’s the crossing guard who shows up promptly every sometimes sunny, often windy, occasionally downright grisly day to guide little people across busy streets. They are an oasis of calm in their frenzied world. Reliability makes life b… | Read More »


We teach financial education classes at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh at Fox Cities and host free workshops periodically. If you'd like to attend a seminar, or host a financial workshop, please contact us.

To attend one of our spring class selections, which we are hosting both virtually and in person for your safety and convenience, please click on the link below:

Financial Education Classes

Active Management to Achieve Clear Goals

We'll carefully consider your risk tolerance and determine life goals. Then we'll design a formal financial plan that will allow you to set priorities, determine a budget and achieve your goals.

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