Dear Dad

Dear Dad, It has been an especially challenging though hopefully gratifying year for you. You’ve seen your likelihood threatened and your home life redefined. Many of you, with neither training nor forewarning, added teacher to your resume, though this had never been your goal. Others worked as sous and/or head chefs, gamely developing kitchen skill sets you never imagined you’d need when your family’s favorite restaurant food became inaccessible. Most have worked from home for a period of time, attended meetings amidst the chaos of family life and navigated rough water as your two separate worlds unexpectedly collided. Or, you’ve been furloughed and had to apply for unemployment benefits, possibly for the first time in a long and successful career. Plato (and a lot of people after him) said necessity is the mother of invention. It’s the father of invention too, as we’ve seen this year. All over the world, fathers have risen to the challenge of this global pandemic and its unsettling wake. Maybe you feel a little nervous about your financial future, or discombobulated by this rapidly changing world. Or you’ve engaged in difficult discussions with family members and had your belief system challenged. Maybe even, through your own introspection, you’ve recognized some shortcomings and grown. In any or all of these cases, we salute you, we stand with you and we’re here for you should you need our help or guidance. You’ve made an impact on your family and the world.  We know we’re just a little over halfway through one of the most challenging years in history and we all still have a lot of work to do. But, we hope all of you Dads, Daddies, Grandpas and Gramps, take at least one day to recognize how far you’ve come and then, as one of our favorite quarterbacks once said, “Relax!” Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Winch Financial.