Fitbit for Finances

We’ve gone a little Fitbit crazy here in the office, where we’re tracking our food intake, caloric output and sleep quality thanks to the popular fitness wrist calculator. How great would it be to have a similar wrist device for our finances? While we’re sure those apps are in the works, we also know that any type of fitness – physical or financial – requires the same two conventional components: effort and education. In honor of resolution season, we have a deal for you: regarding your financial fitness, if you lean into the effort, we’ll provide the education. Education remains a main focus of our company and, this year, we’re stepping it up a notch. Do you own a business and want a lunchroom speaker to explain to your employees how your retirement plan works? Give us a call.  We’ll come to you.  We’ll show you exactly how target date funds work and we’ll walk you through the various options within them. Maybe you and your friends are nearing retirement and are wondering how to decide when to take your Social Security withdrawals and how to maximize those withdrawals when you do begin to access them.  We have a great, interactive presentation for that. Education planning? We know all sorts of creative ways to help pay for college. Gather a group of friends in a comfortable place and relax. We’ll walk you through your options. Our annuity presentation helps you understand the fine print. You’ll leave confident in the product you’ve already purchased, armed with an exit plan for something you’ve learned is not appropriate for you, prepared to make a purchase suitable for you, or convinced that annuities are not a necessary component in your own financial fitness plan. The point is, you’ll leave with a better understanding of one of the industry’s most complicated products. We’d love to teach you how to budget, how to understand your risk… | Read More »