Our Investment Process

Winch Financial uses a proprietary risk assessment process to place an investor along a risk/return continuum based on a quantitative score. Each classification includes a unique portfolio allocation targeted to achieve the investor’s investment objective. The Portfolios comprising each of the classifications are constantly monitored and tactically managed to achieve the most efficient and effective portfolio composition given market expectations. Winch Financial is continuously assessing an investor’s risk/reward tolerance. Our experienced analysts combine a top-down and bottom-up investment approach and tactically positions portfolios to take advantage of various economic and market environments.  The investment team utilizes a deep-dive fundamental approach and applies fundamental and technical analysis to aid in the selection of securities.

It is not uncommon for an investor to move on the continuum as life events occur and investment goals change with time. Constructing the correct portfolio for an investor’s specific risk/return investment objective and understanding that changes in these objectives are inevitable remain the keys to achieving investment goals. Winch Financial has been managing money since 1981 and excels at measuring risk tolerance and constructing the proper portfolio to help investors achieve their investment goals. Winch Financial’s 97% retention rate is a testament to our success in designing the correct portfolio to help our clients work toward their goals.