You need at least seven of these things in your life right now

Tanya Winch
Tanya Winch

My dishwasher just broke.  I am currently hand washing everything until I can get around to buying a new one.  I don’t mind doing dishes, so it’s not that hard for me to deal with, but the rest of the household does not like it.  I feel that it is a great way to zone out and think.  I seem to do my best thinking while my hands are busy with something that does not take a great deal of brain power.   This morning while washing the coffee cups, my mind drifted to the question of what do I really need to be happy.

It’s funny.  I have been writing loads of Christmas cards and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hopes for joy and love and good health and such.  I do wish all of those for my family and friends, but what do we actually need?  If they are anything like me, what they really need are at least seven of the following:

~ A challenge that is neither life threatening nor dreadfully painful but that helps you grow

~ Some form of creative expression

~ Work that keeps your mind very active and gives you the feeling of accomplishment

~ Walking, running, swimming, biking, yoga-ing, fencing, anything that makes your body move

~ At least three people in your life that tell you how much they appreciate and love you, regularly

~ The ability to travel, whether it is to another country or to another place in your imagination

~ Some form of creative inspiration

~ A luxurious bed with comfy sheets and a cozy pillow(s)

~ Quiet time to sit down and sincerely give thanks for the beauty and bounty in your life

~ One song that simply makes you dance (hopefully at least once a week – maybe even by yourself)

~ Something or someone for whom you can volunteer your time or skills

~ Flowers on your kitchen counter (that may be something that only I need J

~ Fascinating and inspiring conversations on a regular basis

~ Small (and big) successes that keep you hungry for whatever is coming next

~ Feeling beautiful as often as possible

~ Something or someone that peaks your interest enough to research or read about

~ A desire to keep on stretching, even if it is mildly uncomfortable

~ At least one goal to keep you from stagnating

~ Playtime (and if you can’t remember what used to be fun, you MUST make it a priority to figure out what feels like play to you!!!)

That is what I wish for everyone this holiday season, along with joy, love, good health and such.  I also hope that we don’t run out of stamps, don’t have computer problems and don’t run into holiday shopping parking rage.  And, last but not least, let’s raise a toast to all of the Christmas dinner dishes do-ers!!!  Hip hip hooray to the dishwashers – both mechanical and human!!!