A Merry Christmas task and sweet blessings on the season

Laura Biskupic Marketing Director
Laura Biskupic
Marketing Director

What may seem like a tedious chore for most businesses, the annual process of updating our Christmas mailing list is actually a happy one for us here at Winch Financial.

Subtle changes in addresses indicate major life changes in which we’re thrilled to play a role.

  • A young man returns from active duty and purchases his first home.
  • A woman marries and changes her name.
  • A couple retires and purchases a residence in Florida.
  • A student graduates from college and heads out into the world.

Our Christmas card list grows each year as we add new clients and friends, and families expand. You can trace milestone events in the firm as well by the Christmas cards we send.

Last year’s card commemorated Pastor Ron Vignec, brother of our CEO Christina Winch, and mentor to countless people in the Seattle area, who died on Nov. 10, 2013.

This year, our card features a picture of a Ginkgo tree branch, lovely in the winter snow because we’re celebrating the four-star success of our mutual fund, named for this resilient and productive tree.

December marks an especially hectic time in our industry, as we monitor a volatile market and prepare our clients and their accounts for the year’s end.

Still, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect upon the year’s accomplishments, both for our clients and for our firm.

Merry Christmas from Winch Financial. We’re here for you every season of your life, but we’re particularly proud to know you during this most special time of the year.