The life of Pi

There’s a lot of inspiration in a slice of pie.

Much like retirement planning, it all starts with a seed. If you plant the seed early enough and water it just right, it grows into a tree with apples plump enough to sustain you when you need to harvest them.

You have to time the apple harvest carefully to maximize the flavor of the apples and their ability to sustain their nutritional value.

And then there’s the dough, a perfect blend of two very common ingredients – butter and flour. But, you need to cut that butter into the sifted flour exactly right for the flakiest dough, and only the best bakers can manage that. Most people need a little help.

Just like life, you’ll want to add sugar and spice to your pie, and everyone’s preference is different. You have to figure out what proportions best suit you before you seal the crust. Sometimes you need to tweak the recipe to suit your own needs.

We can help with that. We’ve been helping people bake their perfect slice of retirement pie for more than 40 years.

Happy Pi Day from all of us at Winch Financial. We hope your pie is extra delicious today.