We’re spreading the word

In an industry dominated by numbers, we honored words yesterday. Words have power and we understand that. Outside the office, we are musicians and song writers, parents and coaches, writers and artists, pet owners and friends. In those capacities, we choose our words carefully and celebrate the abundant resources of the English language. We understand that words matter, and so do the manner and tone with which we use them. Once again this year, we joined the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign by Special Olympics. We support the efforts to stop using the word retarded in a derogatory manner, or as an absent minded expression of exasperation. Yesterday, we wore T-shirts to demonstrate our collective appreciation for this cause. Our tools as financial planners remain rooted in numbers — percentages of growth, levels of risk tolerance, ages, income levels, and life expectancies. But, our success relies on relationships and the words we chose to build them. Words can heal or hurt, comfort or curse, educate or offend. We see this every day in the families we counsel and classes we teach. Yesterday, we all wore T-shirts (even the investment guys, some of whom felt wildly uncomfortable in an office setting without a stiff collar against their necks) and took a stand to end the use of one word. Though the campaign lasted just one day, our efforts continue throughout the year. We vow every day to choose ours words as carefully as we monitor our numbers. Respect. Inclusion. Unity. Acceptance. Friendship. These words form the basis of the Spread the Word campaign, and these are the standards to which we’ll hold ourselves as well. At Winch Financial, we’re investing for all seasons, and building relationships for life.