How to pay your bills online, on time, every time

Traveling, whether for work or vacation, can pack a financial whallop.  The hassles of travel always seem to block my mind from my daily tasks and, sometimes, cause me to forget that I have bills due.  Yikes.  I don’t know about you, but I HATE late payment charges.   Late payments and parking tickets annoy me to no end — they are such a waste!  I travelled at length this summer.  Multiple times, I expressed how grateful I am for email reminders and online pay! Most utilities, credit cards, student loans, healthcare plans and mortgages have the option to pay online.  Some even have apps and/or accept PayPal.  Many people utilize these options and for good reason.  I conducted a very casual survey of when, why and how my co-workers paid their bills. These are the top reasons people pay online: Stamp, time and check cost savings. Payment can be made from anywhere there is a computer access (even your phone!) Payment is immediate and a confirmation code and/or confirmation email verifies payment has been made and the date of the payment. Ability to set up a due date reminder email – this has saved my hide multiple times! When asking ‘how’ payment is made online, some people mentioned they pay only from their bank’s online pay for the following reasons: There is only one login to remember. There is only one place to go for all bill payments. Payment and bank information are kept at only one location online. Banks have very stringent online security – it feels more secure. Banks will often send a check if electronic payment is not accepted – remember there is a 3-5 day lag time for check. Other people gave me some good reasons for paying at the creditor’s website: Ability to check all transaction activity and reward points immediately. Easier to track dates and amounts paid . Not wanting credit card information stored… | Read More »