In life and wealth management, change is the only constant

Change is the only constant. Although Greek philosopher Heraclitus said this more than 2500 years ago, it’s especially true today, particularly when we look at retirement scenarios.

Financial headwinds– shrinking interest rates and rising inflation, taxes, Social Security and health care costs – continue to batter potential retirees. Most troubling for people trying to plan their golden years is the very real notion of change.

Calculate a tax rate and, with the next election, you know it will change. Adjust your withdrawals based on health care costs and brace yourself for an unplanned medical situation that will wreak havoc on your insurance premiums.

Unpleasant events including deaths, divorces, job loss, illness and accidents hover on the fringes of any financial plan and, in today’s financial environment, those troubles in a second generation generally impinge financially on retirees. Adult children are returning home in record numbers.

Constant change also affects the global markets, where we’ve seen economic uncertainty, political upheaval and fragile monetary units challenge investors.

With a sure cycle of change affecting  family budgets, Wall Street investments and global economics, clients need to rely even more heavily on sound fiscal advice. We advocate active money management, in which an investment team meets daily to analyze investment opportunities and monitor markets to keep abreast of the constant change. We also strongly encourage a fiduciary relationship with an advisor who has a legal responsibility to act in his or her clients’ best interest.

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