Celebrating International Women’s Day with chocolate and goals #OneDayIWill

With a CEO who has proven by her innovation and drive that girls can grow up and thrive in any industry, even those still dominated by men, we here at Winch Financial recognize the power of women every day.

Still, we’re happy to set aside some time today to join the world in celebrating International Women’s Day by nibbling a little chocolate, toasting optimism and acknowledging both the struggles and triumphs of our global sisterhood.

With 14 female employees at Winch Financial, ranging from just starting out to retirement, we came up with a wide variety of responses to today’s Google hashtag, #OneDayIwill.

One day I will:

  • Miss all of the things that drive me crazy: wiping dirty faces, picking up toys, reminding my kids to get their chores and homework done, what to cook for dinner…there are endless things, but I know when my kids are grown I will miss doing all of them!
  • Find where all those lost socks and missing Tupperware container tops went!
  • Giggle about all the little things in life that made me feel crazy, sad or mad and see the good things that came from it.  I am a better and stronger person because them.
  • Find a really good balance between work and play!  Work can be rewarding on many levels, but you also have to balance that with plenty of fun activities.  There is a great big world out there, and I am hoping see a whole lot of it.
  • “Retire” but not completely.  I enjoy my profession and will continue as long as I can.
  • Travel the country and visit each of the 50 states.
  • Rule the world.
  • Become an internationally celebrated author…and a grandma.
  • Finally see that all the puzzle pieces really do fit together.
  • Learn to dance.
  • Do mission work.
  • Visit the Northeast coast driving from Maine to NYC.
  • Inspire people toward greater health by teaching them the joy of singing!
  • Have both my kids graduated from college and they will both have jobs where they can fully support themselves!
  • Create a foundation that provides free music lessons to grade school children that want to play an instrument.
  • Miss middle of the night feedings with my little one.
  • Spend my winters in a warmer climate.

These are our goals today. What are yours? We’re here to help you reach them.