A salute to our veterans — Rhonda Schmidt

Every Wednesday through November, we will be posting salutes to our military veterans. We’re grateful for their service and admire their willingness to protect the freedoms we all hold dear.

Rhonda Schmidt

US Army Reserves (served on Active Duty for 2 years).  Total time served 26 years 9 months

What my years of military service taught me:

Helped to develop a strong work ethic, honor and put commitments ahead of desires, develop and shape Character traits/values such as Esprit De Corps, honesty, integrity. Enhanced and further developed “Leadership” skills. Instill a passion for spending time to guide young adults.

My message:

Regardless of your feelings, those that have for the most part volunteered to defend our Republic, our way of life and our Freedoms to choose is solely provided by those that not only took an Oath to uphold and defend our Constitution, they actually made the sacrifices to defend it. That’s why the statement “some gave all but all gave some” came from. Far too often these brave people go unnoticed, underappreciated and/or forgotten by the very people that live with the freedoms these folks provided. I’ve seen what it means to them when they are thanked for their service. Please take a moment to tell them that you appreciate that they were there to ensure that we can enjoy freedom,  that the sacrifice of our veterans have and will provide have meaning and value.