The best advice our fathers gave us

We’re big advocates for (and providers of) formal financial education. Classes, books, blogs, and podcasts all offer great opportunities to learn about how to make, save, grow and spend your money.

We don’t think anyone should ever stop learning.

We also know that we learn some of the most important lessons before we even leave our childhood homes.

In honor of Father’s Day, here are some of the lessons our staff has learned from their dads:

Kris Kersten

To put money aside every month in a different account for Christmas, a car or a vacation, so you have it available when you are ready to use it and not go in debt!

Tanya Winch

Pay your bills on time; under almost all circumstances, do not purchase property with an ARM loan; be curious and aware of Uncle Sam’s tax rules; find work you love and/or learn to like the work you are given and, most importantly, be a conscientious & good steward of all you are blessed with.

Sam Winch

Spend less than you make.

Christian Peterson

When I was just out of college my father said to me, “Start now saving 10% of your salary and you will retire a millionaire.”  (and a million dollars back then was a lot more money than it is now!)

Sandy Shultz

My dad always had another job in addition to his full-time job teaching…he saved that money he made from his part-time gigs to pay extra money on the mortgage and would use it for fun things (vacation, boat, etc).  He still calls it his “left pocket money!”

Beth Gorr

Always have a safety net of a few months of bills – you never know when you are going to need it.

No one can take away what you put upstairs. And don’t put off what you can do today to tomorrow.

Matt Weyers

No one can take away what you put upstairs. And don’t put off what you can do today to tomorrow.

Jeremey Landskron

Gambling is a foolish way to spend your money.

Laura Biskupic

Honor your employer and yourself with honest labor and you’ll feel better about the paycheck you receive.