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  • Estate planning for your pet

    As my dear friend’s awful cancer journey neared the end, it forced her family to make the gut-wrenching decision to remove her beloved dogs from her home. The two rescue dogs, which had provided so much comfort to her throughout her life and illness, had become hazards for my walker-bound, increasingly confused friend…. | Read More »

  • Random Acts of Kindness 2019

    Sunday marks the 15th annual Random Acts of Kindness Day, one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. You only have to be kind in order to participate, and that’s as easy as breathing. When it comes to finances, we like to talk about the return on investments. With kindness, those measurements are extraordinarily favorab… | Read More »

  • Thanks for 20 years of intelligence, efficiency and smiles

    In the 20 years Beth Bauman has worked for Winch Financial, she has seen the company grow its client base, staff and level of technology dramatically, though her own job description has remained the same. “My main focus is to take care of our clients and make sure they have everything they need,” she said. “That has no… | Read More »

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