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Total wealth management dedicated to reaching your life goals

Founded by Christina Winch more than 30 years ago, Winch Financial maintains a 97% client retention rate. We focus on achieving financial security for our clients through all phases of their lives. Our active management style centers on capital preservation, tactical asset allocation, a commitment to research, and a proud recognition of the fiduciary standard.

With all of that, we still charge some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Come see why we’ve been ranked nationally for the past nine years and discover how at Winch Financial, we’re investing for all seasons of your life.

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Investing For All Seasons Blog

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014 Tanya Winch
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Thursday, Apr 10, 2014 Matt Weyers
Insurance policies, like other components of a well-designed retirement plan, require diligence both prior to their purchase and after their...Read More
Monday, Apr 7, 2014 Laura Biskupic
Much like the financial markets, our lives progress in rollercoaster waves. A day might seem interminable, while a year flies by with frightening...Read More