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  • Five steps toward a better world

    We track the financial news closely here at Winch Financial, noting trends and evaluating metrics like P/E ratios and dividend yields. Our analysis is important and we know the decisions we make based on it directly affect our clients’ livelihood. Of c… | Read More »

  • The simple truth is, you may need to spend less

    Some of life’s simplest truths are also its most challenging. If your pants have grown too tight (or the numbers on your bathroom scale too large), you probably need to cut back on the French fries. When your alarm clock sounds, you really should roll… | Read More »

  • Five tips to protect you from scammers

    Last week we received two threatening voicemail messages on our home phone. The callers suggested we owed the IRS money and that a search warrant had been issued for our arrest. Here’s the thing: My husband has worked in law enforcement for nearly thre… | Read More »

Ginkgo Multi-Strategy Fund

Built and actively managed by an in-house investment team, the fund nimbly seeks growth opportunities, manages downside risk, and focuses on a compelling combination of performance and value.

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Active Management to Achieve Clear Goals

We'll carefully consider your risk tolerance and determine life goals. Then we'll design a formal financial plan that will allow you to set priorities, determine a budget and achieve your goals.

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