Happy high school graduation, sweet friend

 I can blink and remember so clearly the sweet, red-headed little boy who spread his Lego sets all over my living room floor, and scored Brewer games with the diligence of a professional statistician.  I look up (way up) at him now, but still see the little guy who wrote me a poem more than… | Read More »

A princely retirement

Though it may have been sarcastic, we think British parliament member Chi Onmurah’s controversial reaction to Prince Phillip’s retirement announcement effectively sums up our goal for every client we meet. “Congratulations to Prince Philip on retiring in financial security at the time of his choosing from a job he enjoys,” Onwurah, a member of the… | Read More »

Growing up on Gelston Avenue

Growing up on Brooklyn’s Gelston Avenue, we learned a thing or two about values, like loyalty and responsibility. Under the watchful eyes of our immigrant grandmas, we enjoyed the kind of come-home-when-the-streetlights-come-on freedom that led to all-day street stickball games and adventures in the park. When we made friends, we kept them. That’s what I… | Read More »

A toast to women in an industry that could use a few more

As we celebrated International Women’s Day this week, I took some time to reflect on my own experiences as a female in the workplace. In some ways, not much has changed since I first earned my license back in 1981. The wealth management industry is still heavily male-dominated and it’s a little puzzling to me… | Read More »

We Are Problem Solvers: Matt Weyers and the search for liquidty

In addition to educating our clients and helping them realize their retirement goals, we work hard to solve their problems. In the next few weeks, we’re going to highlight that aspect of our job. Our first featured problem solver is insurance specialist Matt Weyers. Matt, who is also a registered investment advisor representative, spends most… | Read More »