Biskupic began her career as a sports writer more than 25 years ago. In the intervening years she has worked as Sports Information Director at Benedictine University, a journalism teacher at Xavier High School and as a freelance writer. Biskupic calls upon all of these experiences in her day-to-day life at Winch Financial, where she is responsible for the Winch Financial and Ginkgo Fund websites, monthly newsletter, quarterly report, periodic seminars, print and commercial advertising and promotional materials.

Laura and her husband, Vince, an attorney, are the parents of four grown children.

Get to know Laura better:

First Job: Softball umpire

Most memorable vacation: Machu Picchu with my mom, son and daughter

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Dog or cat: Dog

Best book you ever read: The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto. It’s an unusual choice but it popped right into my head when I read the question so that’s what I’m going with. I really loved this book. I also loved The Lemon Tree.

Favorite season: Summer