Together Everyone Achieves More

We love team sports here at Winch Financial, where we are soccer moms and baseball coaches, football fans and basketball players. We wear our team colors proudly, especially on football Fridays. Many of our Saturday mornings start early and usually involve a trip to a field or diamond. On Sunday, you’ll find us at Lambeau Field or gathered around our television sets, cheering for our beloved Packers (except for a rogue and nameless team member who likes to root for the Bears). At the office, we’re team players too. We have dedicated departments (teams within our team) for insurance, taxes, client services, marketing, financial planning and investing. We gather frequently for office-wide meetings, and we enjoy a good birthday party or pre-game tailgate as often as we can. Our team approach extends to our clients. Behind every advisor stands an experienced client service representative, a highly qualified investment analyst, and specialists in the areas of risk management and taxes. A recent study by PriceMetrix asserts that advisors working in team grew at a healthier pace than those working solo. This makes sense to us. In the past 12 years, as we’ve dramatically increased our staff, we’ve also quadrupled our assets under management. In the challenging world of finance, it’s nice for us to work with friends and brainstorm with people who have earned our respect. It’s even nicer for our clients, who benefit from an effective combination of one-on-one meetings with a trusted advisor, and innovative solutions developed by an ambitious team. Call us today to see how effective our approach can be to help you reach your retirement goals. Together Everyone Achieves More. Go team!