Random Acts of Kindness 2019

Sunday marks the 15th annual Random Acts of Kindness Day, one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. You only have to be kind in order to participate, and that’s as easy as breathing. When it comes to finances, we like to talk about the return on investments. With kindness, those measurements are extraordinarily favorable. One act of kindness can ripple out and burst into waves of happiness, especially in this globally connected society. If you don’t believe me, check out the viral numbers on videos that celebrate simple acts of kindness – a gym teacher braiding his tiny students’ hair, a returning soldier surprising her son at school,  a racer helping her competitor cross the finish line. These acts cost nothing but time and a little bit of effort. Beyond what a random act of kindness does for the recipient, it also has an immediate impact on the participant. Have you ever plugged a meter for a stranger and then just walked away? Shoveled a neighbor’s sidewalk on a dark winter morning when nobody else can see you? Left an anonymous compliment where someone was sure to find it? Scraped off the windows of the car parked next to yours? These small acts can stretch your heart and send happy endorphins cartwheeling through your bloodstream for the rest of the day. So, do yourself a favor on Sunday (and any other day you choose as well). Give a random act of kindness a whirl. Here are a few more ideas to get you started: Step aside and let someone else ahead of you in the grocery line Offer a sincere compliment Leave a nice note on a windshield Help a frazzled clerk Leave an extra tip Buy a few extra items and donate them to the food pantry Leave a little something for your postal carrier Give an extra scarf, hat or pair of mittens to someone who looks very… | Read More »