Celebrating Life Insurance Awareness Month with love

We’re celebrating Life Insurance Awareness Month with love and we’re encouraging you to do the same. Take a look at the people you love and ask yourself if you’ve done enough to protect them from the “what ifs.”  What if something happened to you? Will your life insurance policy provide enough coverage for the family you leave behind? When is the last time you reviewed your policy? Now is a great time for a life insurance review. We can walk you through the options available to you to make sure you’re fully covered without overpaying for something you don’t really want or need. Life insurance planning needs to be done with a goal-based approach.  For example if you are only looking to cover a portion of time, maybe while you have dependent children, you shouldn’t over pay for lifetime coverage. Know your goal for any coverage that you are buying and then find the product that best fulfills that goal.  There are several types of life insurance including: Term insurance, which is cheap and meets short-term goals. Return of premium term, which is a little more expensive but gives you the option to take a paid-up death benefit or get a full refund of your premiums paid at the end of your level term. Universal Life in all of its variations can make sense for someone wanting coverage, flexibility, and the ability to grow tax friendly money within the policy. Whole Life insurance can be a good fit for the person who wants both permanent coverage and tax friendly growth ability. If you are worried about being a burden to your family because of Long Term Care needs and expenses there are even LTC riders (options) you can add to many types of life insurance. Group life insurance is a valuable asset and I believe, if you have it available, you should utilize it to a degree. I like group… | Read More »