Happy high school graduation, sweet friend

 I can blink and remember so clearly the sweet, red-headed little boy who spread his Lego sets all over my living room floor, and scored Brewer games with the diligence of a professional statistician.  I look up (way up) at him now, but still see the little guy who wrote me a poem more than a dozen years ago, “I have a best friend and she is my Grandma.” The poem hangs on my kitchen wall and I’m never taking it down. I’ve built my business by preparing people for transitional times like these. We plan, invest, analyze, save and plan some more to make each season of life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In this way, I know Caleb and his family are ready for the next step. His parents, teachers and coaches also have prepared him well for college and I know he’ll make the most of his time there. So, I’m not worried about him, I’m just a little sad for the rest of us. Caleb is heading off into an exciting new world where innovations I can’t even imagine will become part of his everyday life. These are exiting times for high school graduates, and I’m thrilled by their possibilities. But, I’m also going to miss my friend. Congratulations to Caleb and the Class of 2017! May God bless you tonight and always.