Advice from our grandparents

Our company began in a high school lunchroom as our founder, Christina Winch, realized her fellow educators needed help understanding their retirement account options. In the nearly 40 years since, Winch Financial has grown exponentially and our commitment to education continues. Today, we offer seminars and classes, post weekly market commentaries and blogs, and recommend books and podcasts all with the understanding that education equals empowerment. We want our clients and their families to understand their accounts and how we manage them, and to feel confident in the choices we make. As the world evolves, we intend to progress with it; we strive to maintain an innovative and effective approach to wealth management. Transcending all that sophistication, though, are the relationships we build with our clients and we know some of the best advice, financial or otherwise, comes from the heart. So, in honor of Grandparent’s Day, we’re sharing a few tips we’ve received from our own grandparents and we want you to know our ears and our hearts are always open to hearing some sound, sensible advice from you and yours. Please enjoy the following advice from our grandparents: From Aaron Bauer: I remember when I was about six my grandfather took me on a walk to a black walnut tree he had noticed on a country road near our home. Along the way he gently recounted lessons from the Bible, including that of Methuselah, who lived longer than any other man, to the age of 969. Learning this was a relief to me because although I knew my grandfather was old, I was pretty sure he wasn’t even near 600, which meant that my primary source of LEGOs should be intact for at least a few hundred years. When we reached the tree, we selected a few nuts and placed them in a plastic bag. Grandpa warned me that dropping them could leave a dark stain on my… | Read More »