A toast to women in an industry that could use a few more

As we celebrated International Women’s Day this week, I took some time to reflect on my own experiences as a female in the workplace. In some ways, not much has changed since I first earned my license back in 1981. The wealth management industry is still heavily male-dominated and it’s a little puzzling to me… | Read More »

10 ways to enjoy #GivingTuesday

In a sometimes alarmingly hash-tag driven world, we’re happy to support today’s. #GivingTuesday, a global movement to drive much needed funds to appropriate charities, backs up its social media cache with genuine results. Launched in 2012, the movement didn’t really take root until the following year, when it raised $19 million. Those funds grew 63%… | Read More »

The perfect storm of millennial debt

A perfect storm of crushing student loan debt and a financial naiveté has led to an alarming situation among millennials, who face a long retirement with limited means to fund it. As of June 2016, the average debt owed by a new college graduate was $37,172, or over $300 per month for the next 10… | Read More »

Five things you need to know when your company closes its doors

Unexpected job loss can be traumatic, but there are important steps you can take to regain control. Here are five things you can do when you’ve found out your company is closing its doors. Take advantage of your state’s Department of Workforce Development. They can help you update your resume, search out comparable job offers… | Read More »