Keen Analytical Ability Boosts Winch Financial’s Mutual Fund To Four Stars

Propelled by its tactical allocation strategy, which allowed fund managers to successfully navigate market volatility, the Ginkgo Multi-Strategy Fund enjoyed especially strong performance over the one-year and three-year periods ending on November 30, 2014, which led to a four star rating by Morningstar for the three-year period ending 11/30/2014, out of 183 funds in the… | Read More »

Winch Financial’s Mutual Fund Enjoys Strong Returns

Winch Financial is pleased to announce that the Ginkgo Multi-Strategy Fund, a mutual fund launched in September 2011, continued its strong run through the one-year, and three-year period ending on October 31, 2014. The Fund outperformed 92% of the 291 funds in the Tactical Allocation Category on Morningstar+ for the one-year period ending Oct. 31,… | Read More »